Opinon: Referee roguery


Opinon: Referee roguery

Most of us lie – just a little – on our CVs. Now you can take it further by, for example, buying fake references from the internet. Penelope Whitson wonders if it isn't time for a new way to check employee credentials

Getting drunk on bourbon at a conference and telling your CEO that the company HR processes are crap isn’t a career advancing move Mandy Johnson recommends. That said, it worked for her. She's distilled her methods into a new book on how to find and keep top talent, and spoke to us about why psychometric tests suck, how gut instinct can be misleading and why great candidates are like great houses.

She's worked for multinationals like Pfizer, as well as smaller startup organisations and within government, including the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. But as of late 2013, Elizabeth Hopkins has shifted her focus to academia with her appointment to the role of director at Lincoln University's Research and Commercialisation Office.

While popular theory might have you believe otherwise, learning to code is not the only career option for the future. Instead, Sean Blanda turns to economist Tyler Cowen to explain what you DO need to thrive in tomorrow's world.

You remember that feeling in your stomach from school days but you never expected it as an adult: Sunday night, holidays over, back to work – ugh! Of course, it’s not the work that’s the problem, it’s your boss. Is now the time to start looking for a new job?