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The ‘Sort Your Shit Out Book’ for budding entrepreneurs

Adland alumnus Mike Hutcheson has a new book set to hit shelves in June, This is a Sort Your Shit Out Book, written to help people reinvent themselves or recalibrate their enterprises.

In everyday language, it gives insights into the changing economic environment and helps identify potential opportunities, while addressing the most valuable skills required in the next decade identified in the World Economic Forum’s 2020 ‘Future of Jobs’ report: complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. 

The post-Covid world is going to see many people displaced, replaced or retrenched through redundancy, company downsizing and business failure, but there are some who, having used their time in lockdown to reflect, will decide to push the reset button and choose different paths for themselves and their enterprises.

This is a Sort Your Shit Out Book provides practical tools and techniques that can be used to help readers find their place, make such changes and make success seem second nature.

So Mike, why is now a good time for this book?

Essentially, I saw a need for it given the many students I’ve come into contact with who’ve expressed anxiety that the degree they’ve studied for isn’t going to deliver a job. The problem’s made more acute in a rapidly changing world, where many career switches are likely to be the norm rather than the exception, yet we’re still teaching in siloes
in much the same way Napoleon was taught. 

Why should marketers read it?

What marketers can learn is the underlying message of societal change and the opportunity for people to use the Memoropedia tool, identify what their superpower is, who they really are and how they can best achieve success by interrogating their ideas against the Periodic Table of Innovation. I’m a great believer in Dr Peter Drucker’s dictum that business has only two basic functions, innovation and marketing – everything else is a cost!

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