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WayBeyond welcomes new Head of Industry Transformation

Digital farming company WayBeyond has appointed Kylie Horomia as the new Head of Industry Transformation. Her years of experience in communications and Horticulture will help the company in its aim to transform the agricultural industry.

Horomia’s most recent roles were at T&G Global and Autogrow, where she was head of brand and communications. WayBeyond CEO and founder, Darryn Keiller, says Horomia has provided next level thinking around the company’s story and will begin her new role working on its long-term global sustainability strategy.

“This includes ensuring we deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and formalising and extending the work we have been doing on industry education, connecting the eco-system and our own graduate and internship programme.”

“Kylie is a passionate and respected communications specialist and industry advocate.”

In the agtech industry the key to transformation requires ushering in a new generation of farmers, scientists, and technologists. Creativity and collaboration will be needed for addressing zero hunger (including reduction of zero waste), clean water and sanitation, sustainable cities and the evolution of industry, innovation and infrastructure.

“With our WayBeyond team based in New Zealand, the Netherlands and United States; and employees from 15 cultures, we celebrate our diversity, which critically includes the diversity of thinking required to solve the world’s greatest food production challenges,” says Keiller.

Horomia is also on the Executive Board of the NZ Guild of Agricultural Journalists and Communicators and worked on developing the Global CEA Census alongside New York-based industry partner Agritecture Consulting.

Horomia says she is very excited for the opportunity at WayBeyond as the work the company is doing to grow food sustainability using science and technology is something she is really proud of.

“I will continue to promote the inclusion of STEM disciplines to reduce food waste, increase efficiency of natural resources, and make a positive impact on growers, the environment and communities we operate within.”

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