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Idealog #63, The Innovation Issue, out now!

Individual copies (and annual subs) can be purchased at tangiblemedia.co.nz and selected retailers. You can also find it at various Koru lounges, or on the coffee tables of fancy companies. And if you’re really desperate, you could potentially even snatch it from the cold, dead hands of Aotearoa’s most creative (and coolest) businesspeople. Trust us: it’ll be worth it. Among the highlights:

– An interview with AirWave founder Ross McCarthy about his newly-launched standing wave machine.

– The ever-on-point advice from the Idea Log about how to live your most innovative life.

– A killer playlist that will (hopefully) make you more innovative.

– Make Give Live founder Claire Conza on social enterprise and giving warmth to those in need.

– Melissa Clark-Reynolds on the innovator’s dilemma. 

– Mike Hutcheson on why New Zealanders are so much better at invention than implementation and commercialisation.

– Paula Browning argues for STEAM, not STEM.

– Prof. Shaun Hendy on why New Zealand’s fortunes are tied to Auckland’s fortunes, and why we need to quit the parochialism. 

– How to innovate (and how not to).

– Hubs, precincts, incubators, accelerators.  They’re popping up seemingly everywhere. So do they work?

– A step into the mad world of haute ice cream with Gianpolo ‘Giapo’ Grazioli, 

– A chart with Kevin Kelly, Wired co-founder and author of The Inevitable, about the (possible) future.

– Sex-change worm-hole riders and what sci-fi predicts for humans.

– Profiles on all the New Zealand Innovation Awards winners.

– Bryan Caldwell, the Kiwi project manager behind one of the most ambitious Mars mission simulations to date, on whether we’re ready to go to the Red Planet.

And oodles and oodles of other cool things. You’ll just have to read the magazine to find out what those oodles of cool things really are.

Bonus: annual subscriptions to Idealog are available for just $11 until 11 November. That’s less than a pint at more than a few craft breweries. Added bonus: all new subscribers go into the draw to win a dancing robot, courtesy of Spark. 

Buy your subscription here. All new subscribers will also receive the Innovation Issue (until stocks last). 

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