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Know your Dadster

This is the first and possibly last in an occasional series of guides to the anthropological subtypes of the urban New Zealander.

Dadster: 40-something male urban parent who behaves, and believes he still looks like, a 20-something childless urban male.

From dad + hipster.

You’ll see them sipping their long blacks at Saturday morning soccer in the better suburbs. Or loitering around Otis Frizzell’s Ponsonby Road taco truck on a Sunday afternoon.

During the week they hold down proper jobs and wear proper clothes. Come the weekend, though, it’s off with that 3 Wise Men shirt and on with the Dadster Duds.

Who knows – there could be a Dadster living in your home.

Find out for sure with this cut-n-carry guide to the Modern Dadster.

9 to 5: the Dadster at work ?

Thirty three percent “Working on a range of projects” 
Twelve percent “Looking for new opportunities” 
?55 percent “Accounts Payable” 

What’s on those headphones

Perception: rare unreleased Lorde demo 
Reality: Newstalk ZB Larry Williams podcast

I get around: how Dadsters roll

Sat-Sun: 1960s American V8, driven ironically
Mon-Fri: Mitsubishi Outlander, driven economically
Next level: small bicycle, ridden like a circus chimpanzee

That’s my bag, baby, what’s floating their totes?

Confiscated power cord from Mr 12’s computer: Minecraft that!
School trip permission form: must drop that off some time
Drugs: can’t leave them at work, not allowed them in the house, such a waste to throw them away

Gettin’ social: what Dadsters do online

Perception: post Instagram of new guitar; check in at Big Day Out
Reality: desperate quest for LinkedIn connections in case work restructures again

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