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Book review: Lead With Wisdom

Lead With Wisdom by Mark Strom
Wiley, $33.99

book review lead with wisdom mark strom?This is quite a remarkable book, but the title doesn’t do it justice because it probably confines it to the business section of the bookshop. That’s a pity, because it’s a wide ranging tour de force, full of insights, strategies and anecdotes about how to be a better human being. That’s what made me think the title is misleading – no pun intended – perhaps Live with Wisdom would be more apt.

Its advice goes to an audience well beyond leaders and covers a way for all of us to comprehend life’s meaning – whether we are leaders or followers. From the mystery of language and how we use it to tell stories, through conversation and nomenclature to nurturing the magic inherent in the arts, the author builds a narrative that weaves the complexities of life into cohesive and pleasing tapestry.

Wisdom is a big topic and it’s hard to do justice to it, but Strom has got pretty close; it’s a brave attempt. It’s the literary equivalent of that scientific search for the Holy Grail – the elusive unifying theory of everything. I heartily recommend it and hope that it achieves a wider following than just business leaders. I’m keeping my copy for reference. 

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