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How to make your business emails less boring

Congratulations for sending that email! Yes, it the right strategy but is the email good enough to achieve your intended objective? This is the question that any business must ask themselves if they are to succeed in their email marketing. Although new online platforms are available for companies to do marketing on, emails are still the number one choice. Emails have a higher rate of conversion, but only if done correctly. There is a list of factors that one must consider before hitting send that include:

  • The subject line
  • The email recipient
  • Email content, and
  • Appearance

One needs to master steps to writing effective emails that generate leads.

Drawing up an ‘excellent’ email can be made easy for you with six tps:

1.       Work On Your ‘Intro’

Take time to create your email subject line

The heading you give an article will determine whether your audience will proceed with reading the contents or not. That’s the same level of importance the email subject line holds. How well crafted, precise and short your subject line determines whether the email will be opened or not. Therefore, it’s crucial to have knowledge on how to write email subject lines correctly.

Also crucial with subject lines is adding a personal touch to it. Personalised, short and precise email subject lines have a higher chance of being opened compared to common subject lines. This improves your chances of getting leads.

2.       ‘Less Is Better’

Use a simple email template and fewer words

We’ve often heard ‘less is better.’ Well, not always, of course, but when it comes to B2B emails, it the best strategy to use. Your recipients are busy people and probably don’t have time to waste trying to read through your email. Your objective is simple – impress prospects and get leads. You cannot achieve that with a ‘busy’ email. Therefore, focus on doing the following:

  • Minimise the word count – keep the word count under 250 words, maximum 300 words.
  • Keep it simple – Identify and use an email template that will work best on both phones and computers. A recent survey revealed that more than 50% of emails in this era are opened on phones. Focus on using a template that will appeal to the reader on both devices.

3.       Have a Call to Action

Give your reader a reason to follow through your proposal

Concluding your email with a call-to-action (CTA) is a step towards generating leads. A CTA is a one-time opportunity that marketers have to pitch their ideas in an effort to convince prospects.

The right CTA must possess the following qualities:

  • Intentions are clearly pronounced
  • Prospects need to get an idea of what specific actions they are going to take.

However, one must maintain honesty, don’t knowingly give inappropriate information. Including a promise in your offer will improve your chances of making prospects want to be part of the experience that you’re proposing. Ensure that suggested actions are clear and realistic – ensure that they are achievable!

4.       Who’s Your Audience?

Address your reader directly

Successful communication can only be achieved when one knows their audience. The same with emails, you need to recognise the audience. It will determine how you’ll draft the email and the offer included. It’s vital that your email creates a sense of belonging among readers. Let them feel as part of your brand. To best write useful lead generation emails, have an audience in mind. All writings are best written with an audience in mind. Essay writing services are an excellent resource to help you with this.

5.       Add a Personal Touch

Address your recipient by name

As you draft your email, personalise the content. From the subject line, the content and finally the conclusion, personalising your email makes your recipients more receptive to your offer. Nobody fancies a ‘robot’ or generated emails. Carve your content in a manner that shows your readers a touch of you that will be inspiring and motivating to them.

6.       Be Straightforward

Tell your recipient what exactly you are offering

Your goal is to communicate a specific message to your readers that will attract them to take up your offer. Your intentions need to come out and be understood by your audience precisely. Therefore, you have to be precise in your proposal. Think of Rogerian essay topics – the technique to writing them can be used in keeping your email on point! A good command of language will also play a significant role in making your B2B emails achieve their purpose.


The statistics speak for themselves, a survey done in 2016 revealed that when it comes to content marketing, email was the most dominant with a Return on Investment (ROI) that stood at $44 for every $1 spent, an increase from the previous year by $6. This gives a clear picture of just how important B2B emails are for marketing. The tips highlighted will help businesses be in a position to craft emails that will generate leads.

Kevin Nelson is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys travelling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.
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