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The dos and don’ts of email marketing

With email accounts being bombarded at such an astounding rate, it can be a challenge, to say the least, to stand out from the crowd and make your mark on your potential customers.

To help you make the most of your email marketing campaign, here are 10 dos and don’ts that it’s vital you remember.

DO – Be Concise

Every email you write needs to be accurate and to the point. Before starting your email, define the purpose of your email and then stick to it. It’s so easy to go on and on. You could even use tools, such as Easy Word Count or Academadvisor to monitor your word count.

DON’T – Be Ignorant

Always be aware of everything that you have written in your emails. At all costs, remove anything you even slightly doubt as being a bit controversial within your emails. You don’t want to be one of those companies that end up on the news for the wrong reasons. Or worse still, you could be sued by a hateful group over a misinterpretation in your emails.

DO – Make Your Emails Yours

Your emails are all part of your brand and your business which is why it’s so important that everything about them matches your business’s brand and personality. The tone of voice of your content needs to be identical.

Your formatting, your language and even your style of imagery all need to be the same. The best way to do this is by creating a working template (don’t forget to test it) and then stick with it. You want people to open your emails and know exactly who it’s from without even looking.

DON’T – Just Use Caps Lock

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that using caps lock for all your messages will help you stand out from the rest of your competition but, unfortunately, it doesn’t. In fact, it makes your emails look like spam, and any potential reader will probably send you directly to the trash box.

DO – Automate Your Emails

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to send out your emails by hand. Imagine if every time someone signed up to your new service, you had to email them.

Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past. Using tools such as aWeber and GetResponse, you can complete revolutionising your email marketing campaign by automating your emails, giving you more time to focus on other important areas of business.

DON’T – Send Your Emails Too Frequently

It can be tempting to want to communicate with your potential customers all the time. We all know how much you love them! However, by emailing too frequently and too often, you’re simply going to drive your customers away. Find a nice balance depending on your industry and type of content.

DO – Edit Your Emails

When creating and writing your emails for your email marketing campaign, you’re probably not going to get them right first time. This is regarding accuracy and your attempt at communicating the intended message.

After you have created the first draft, take a break and return to your content. You’ll be surprised at how much you want to change. To learn how to edit your emails properly, seek the advice of the writers at Ox Essays or State of Writing.

DON’T – Risk Sending Poor-Quality Emails

It’s never worth writing up your potential emails for your campaign, looking at them and thinking ‘yeah, they’ll do’. This is quite possibly the worst mistake you could make, and it will have dire consequences.

One way you can check to see whether your emails are going to work is by using an A/B testing platform. However, if you know that your emails are poor-quality, for example, you created them in a rush, don’t send them to your customers. You’ll only harm the credibility of your business.

Instead, you can use online copywriting services, such as UK Writings and Boom Essays, who will be able to create high-quality emails for your campaign on your behalf.

DO – Use an Online Service

There are successful email marketing services out there for a reason. For you to use them! Whether you’re looking for template creation, automated emails or higher conversion rates, you can bet your bottom dollar there’s a service for you. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, head over to iContact or Dissertation service.

DON’T – Forget to Proofread Your Emails

Nobody wants to read an email that’s riddled with mistakes, typos and other forms of language error. It’s going to make your emails look unprofessional, it will harm your business’s credibility, and it will push customers away. For help proofreading your emails to perfection, head over to Elite Assignment Help.


As with any aspect or process in the business world, it’s vital that you take your time, take a step back and plan the best and most effective way to move forward.

That being said, it’s also essential that you follow the basic ground rules, avoid any common errors and be productive. With all this in mind, nothing will stand in your way!

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