The Idealog guide to weird Valentine's Day innovations

It's Valentine's Day. But aside from hearts, flowers, greeting cards and lots and lots of chocolate, there are some other pretty weird 'romantic' innovations out there.

Lots of couples exchange bouquets of flowers. But a bouquet of chicken? KFC apparently thinks so.

Speaking of bouquets of meat, Waitaki Bacon and Ham’s Sue Morton teamed up with Jonell’s Florist in Oamaru to create a bacon bouquet.


Pokémon GO is offering a special Valentine's Day promotion, with extra candy available for catching Pokémon in the app. There's also supposed to be more pink-coloured Pokémon out in the wild on the day. Some people are very excited about this.

Geekstuff is selling a perfectly phyto-genic... er, photogenic... gift this year: a bean plant that actually grows with the words "I love you" written on it. Apparently all you have to do is plant the seed, give it all the tender loving care it needs (in other words, remember to water the bloody thing), and within 3-5 days it'll sprout with a special message for a special someone. We're unsure if we're supposed to be amazed or horrified.

US bar/restaurant chain Hooter's is famed for ruining relationships due to its associations with sexism and exploitation of women. Perhaps as a result of self-awareness, the chain is celebrating Valentine's Day with its #shredyourexpromotion. All patrons need to do is bring in a picture of their ex and rip it apart in front of staff - a deed for which the patron will be rewarded with 10 free boneless wings.

Tinder is not doing too much for Valentine's Day. Because it's the app's busiest day of the year.

So get out there and feel the love, everyone. Or don't. But no matter what, feel free to make an origami pocket square regardless. Some innovations are deceptively simple.

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