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Friday Frivolities: Act Harder!

Help Leo get his Oscar

Poor Leonardo Decaprio. He’s got everything he’s ever wanted in life: the respect of his peers, a revolving 20-25 year old girlfriend, roles with every big director in Hollywood, a Tesla. But there’s one thing he doesn’t have. One thing he really, really, really wants. An Oscar. 

Now, thanks to an amazing looking movie about a man heavy breathing (and super hard acting) his way to revenge, he’s got his best shot since the last time he had a good shot. But, on this browser-based video game, you can help make his life complete.

Be careful out there with those smartphones, brothers and sisters

Sure, we all love taking photos of ourselves, but let’s all take just a little more care while doing so. Okay? Okay.

So yuck it’s yum?

A beard beer? A cocktail of human tears? Yeast infection bread? Breastmilk icecream? I’ll take one of everything.

BuzzFeed is right, ten years ago was so stupid


Your weekly Trump

Okay, I know we hit up the Trump LOLs almost every week, but for the next few months (assuming he does’t win the presidency, in which case add four year) you have two choices: laugh or cry tears for the state of the most powerful nation on Earth. Remember: we get the leaders we deserve. Anyway, I digress.

Yesterday, Pope Frances said that Donald Trump isn’t a Christian. Trump, of course, took exception to the Pope’s remarks and released a statement. The New Yorker, copy-edited it for him.


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