Friday Frivolities: Shia LaBeouf pep talk, military helicopters racing a Porsche, “skarping”, and more …

Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction

The most intense motivational speech of all-time
It’s Shia LaBeouf. And it’s slightly scary. It's also spawned an entire subReddit. An excerpt from Joshua Parker’s segment of #INTRODUCTIONS, we fully recommend turning your speakers up and blasting it in the middle of the office.

Weather delays produces Disney medley
Stuck at New York’s LaGuardia Airport for 6 hours due to weather delays, two casts for Disney’s Broadway productions burst into song. Only natural, obviously.

A new type of water sport … from 2012
Okay, this is a little bit old, but really, “Skarping”? What is this even?

Porsche 911 vs military helicopter
This is just cool. Nothing else needs to be said.

The first and last thing on the bucket list
A 91-year-old man just crossed the first – and last – thing on his bucket list. Good on you, grandpa!