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Friday Frivolities: RDJ’s bionic arm, Game of Thrones parody MV, venus flytraps, and more

Tony Stark delivers a real bionic arm for #TheCollectiveProject

The Collective Project is an initiative showcasing student projects that are making positive changes for their communities. The latest video features Albert Manero, a PhD mechanical engineering student who founded Limbitless, and his pioneering bionic arms.

And Tony Stark, as Robert Downey Jr.

Funky flight attendant

Canadian airline WestJet is known for customer service and Christmas surprises.

Now one air hostess has decided to entertain her passengers with an improvised dance to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”, while waiting for the plane to depart. She’s very good too.

Literally laughing at the face of danger: ridiculing ISIS

Four young Syrian refugees have decided they are refusing jihadists’ attempt at taking the fun things out of their lives. What do they do? Naturally, produce a series of videos poking fun at ISIS.

Not exactly the smartest of moves, they’ve created a website and a YouTube channel to showcase their productions. The Guardian has a great write-up on what they’re doing, and the videos they put out are actually quite funny.

Game of Thrones meets Taylor Swift

Who would’ve known how fittingly the two go together in this parody music video produced by Nerdist.com.

Featuring actors portraying a sexy-dancing G.R.R. Martin and a totally creeped-out Daenerys, the video pokes fun at all the deaths, politics, and boobs that appear in Westeros.

Man’s tongue meets Venus flytrap

There are no words in any language to rationalise this guy’s thought processes. Nothing.

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