Friday Frivolities: Creepy crowd animation, strange scooters, Afroman's remix and more

OLAF Scooters
Five frivolous links for a hearty dose of Friday distraction.

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Crowd test video created through Miarmy, a tool for crowd stimulation, featuring a dangerous spinning thingy.

 (via basefount)

Want an alternative transportation method? Try OLAF’s “open platform kick scooter”

The new way to look silly about town. They've even got a Kickstarter.

“I tried to reform marijuana laws in the United States, but then I got high”

Afro Man is back with a spin off to his 2001 classic “Because I got high”

Virgin Airlines new ad for “BLAH Airlines” makes fun of their competitors

Before planning your next getaway, Virgin America has a little six hour reminder of the painful monotony of budget flying, enjoy!

How many Simpsons can you get into a video?

The Simpsons feature a range of odd (and extremely familiar) looking knock offs in this years Halloween special.