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Wine not? Newcomer Round Theory is the guilt free drink we all need

Joining the highly competitive New Zealand wine industry, newcomer Round Theory offers a range of sustainably sourced, climate positive, vegan friendly wine for consumers to enjoy without any of the guilt.

Ensuring its wine is climate positive, Round Theory has partnered with CarbonClick to offset at least twice the number of emissions produced by each bottle of wine. The partnership also allows for the brand to support local and international ecology projects, like conservation of the Arawera native forest in Taranaki, Yarra Yarra’s biodiversity corridor, a clean energy wind power project in India and rainforest conservation and agroforestry in Panama.

With the brand’s sustainable focus setting it apart within its category, it was only fitting to package the wine in distinct bottles. Designed with a focus on environmental stewardship, the bottle uses 30 percent less glass than regular wine bottles and has improved recyclability. Each bottle is labeled with stunning artwork of tigers and flowers, along with its sustainably sourced, climate positive and vegan friendly certified stamps.

As for the wine itself, all grapes used have been sustainably grown and sourced from Sustainable Wine Growing NZ (SWNZ) Accredited vineyards. The brand offers a delectable Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and White Field Blend, as well as a Hawke’s Bay Rosé.

Speaking to Rowan Dean, vice president commercial development at Constellation brands, he says Round Theory is a forward-thinking wine company looking to make the most of the emerging consumer trends within the wine world.

“We have built a brand from scratch to minimise its environmental impact on the planet. From the unique, lightweight bottle, to our sourcing practices, to our environmental partnerships, to our carbon offsetting, every aspect of Round Theory is crafted with the environment in mind.”

Venturing away from the traditional wine bottle, the team went off ‘what would be the most efficient way to hold 750ml of liquid?’, the result, a unique round shape that uses less glass and is easier to ship. Packaging however, has posed a challenge, particularly the bottle and cap closure, which is fairly new in the world of wine.

Dean says another challenge has been ensuring the wine still taste’s great although it is vegan friendly and sustainably sourced.

“I think a lot of brands touch on sustainability, or give it a nod, but to us sustainability is our reason for existing, it is our core proposition and we will continue to push the envelope to ensure we are leaders in the space. And it’s great to taste the results, our winemakers have done a cracking job.”

Although still in its early days, the brand has already launched in around 400 stores in New Zealand and 200 stores in Australia, with plans to expand into other markets like the US and Canada.

“So far we’ve been amazed at our customers support in bringing something unique and non-traditional to market. This ranging support gives us confidence that we’re onto a good thing.

“It’s also encouraging to have had such a positive response on social media where we have seen so many people picking up the wine and commenting on it’s great taste, sustainability credentials and packaging.”

Dean and the team at Round Theory hope their initiatives can inspire more wine brands to implement sustainability and start the journey in a meaningful way.

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