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SALA expands its offering with stunning new space

On Wednesday, Ponsonby fitness studio SALA opened the doors to its brand new space, SALA 2.0.

Since its launch in 2018, SALA has continued to change the landscape of fitness in Auckland. Unique to traditional gyms, the multidisciplinary movement studio has been thoughtfully designed, offering a variety of intimate classes that nurture a mind-body connection.

The new space represents SALA founder Sarah Lindsay’s appreciation for Aotearoa and her perspective as a new mum.

“Energetically our first studio’s minimalist aesthetic was to represent new beginnings and fresh starts; a clear canvas to express your movement modalities onto. The new space encompasses the intimacy, friendship, and inspirations I have experienced since living in Auckland,” says Lindsay.

The original studio will now be entirely focused on yoga, and the new studio will be dedicated to pilates, barre, and fitness. Designed by leading interior designer Mijntje Lepoutre, SALA 2.0 takes inspiration from the main space’s recognisable Eclipse, but this time the sun lights a darkened room. Blackened mirrors reflect a duotone image of yourself and others, providing a calming, non-confrontational feeling to encourage far more freedom of movement.

The room’s darkness draws on the artistic work of Olafur Eliasson and James Turrell, focusing on the use of light, space, and movement through sensory deprivation. Lepoutre says the room encourages you to lose your sense of self and become a part of the collective whole.

“The motif of the SALA circle carries through into this space. This time it is the sun that lights the darkened room. The inverse of SALA, Yin and Yang if you will.”

The new space will include all-new Barre classes taught by trained dancers creating an almost theatrical experience within the new architecturally designed room. The studio will also host more of their popular yoga and HIIT Pilates, increasing the timetable from 30 to 70 classes per week.

SALA 2.0 is now open and can be found in the same iconic building in the heart of Ponsonby, Level 1/56 Brown Street, Auckland. Classes can be booked online at SALA.

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