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Attention men: Jockey’s texting undies could save your life

Jockey and Testicular Cancer NZ have come together to launch ‘Remundies’, a pair of lifesaving undies that remind men to carry out monthly checks of their testicles. 

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer affecting New Zealand men aged 15-39. It is also one of the most treatable forms of cancer if detected early, which is why checking for symptoms on a monthly basis is an important part of awareness and education around the disease. 

Building a habit of self care amongst men, Jockey’s clever underwear prompts its owner to check his balls by sending helpful reminders via monthly text messages. Once Remundies buyers register online, the engaging informative conversation begins. 

Jockey and Testicular Cancer NZ hopes the campaign will create real behaviour change that will both save lives and forge a new kind of relationship between Kiwi men and their underwear. 

“It’s a fun campaign that is taking a novel approach to create awareness about an important issue, and we have only heard positive things about the campaign so far,” says Paul Hayes, Testicular Cancer NZ. 

As April is Testicular Cancer Awareness month, the campaign couldn’t come at a better time. Leading Urologist Dr Andrew Williams says awareness of the disease allows Kiwi men and their families to recognise the signs of cancer in the beginning and have the disease treated at a much earlier and curable stage. 

“Men should just check the feel of their balls on a monthly basis, often the shower is a good time to do this. You should be looking for any change in the shape of the ball and particularly the development of any hard areas in the ball,” says Williams. 

“Remundies are both a great educational tool for NZ men and a great way of reminding men to check on their testes at regular intervals.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwU02YaFvtQ

Supporting the lifesaving actions that Remundies stand for, the All Blacks and All Blacks Sevens stripped down to their jockeys as part of their longtime sponsorship with the underwear brand. 

“The partnership with the All Blacks and All Blacks Sevens made sense to showcase the heroic nature of what Remundies stand for,” says Nadia White, senior brand manager of Jockey ANZ. 

With many men reluctant to check their balls, the team at Testicular Cancer NZ say ‘just do it.’

“It is easy to check your balls for anything unusual such as a lump and it only takes a minute or two. No one knows their balls better than their owner,” says Hayes. 

Remundies can be found exclusively at Farmers, with 10 percent of the retail price of each pair going towards testicular cancer. 

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