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Allbirds releases new natural high performance range

NewZealand-American footwear company Allbirds has recently released a natural high performance range ‘Tree Dasher’, made from plant based materials.

With covid-19 at large, manufacturing businesses have began to consider the health of the planet. Made from sugarcane, eucalyptus and merino wool, the Tree Dasher’s CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent emissions) is 30 percent less than a standard sports shoe.

Co-founder Tim Brown says it has gone on too long that the performance industry see athletic footwear as synthetic footwear.

“By failing to make the most of what’s right infant of us, nature, we’ve missed some of the greatest performance materials in existence.

“Our multi-year journey to create the Dashers demonstrates what’s possible if we put innovation muscle into natural materials thats usually reserved for petroleum-derived synthetics.”

Allbirds expressed that although people are aware of how plastic affects the environment, many don’t realise recycled plastic also creates a footprint. The aim behind Tree Dasher was to create a unique style of running shoe, using natural materials.

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