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Pre to re-loved: Little Outfitters takes big steps towards a circular approach

It’s not news that consumers are becoming more conscious in the way they shop. Second hand market places are having a moment as people opt out of fast fashion more and more. Now, Little Outfitters, the latest pre-loved marketplace has launched to target the fastest fashion users of all; growing children.

The cycle of consumption is high for children, for most of our tiny tribes grow out of clothes before you’re even returned from the store. Little Outfitters is a second hand market place specifically for little one’s clothing which helps curb the non stop need for clothing your little ones.

Attempting to reshape the cycle, the Auckland based platform encourages parents to to sell pre-loved clothes and in doing so, enables other parents a more environmentally friendly way of buying clothes.

Founder, Lucy Kirkwood, says by not adding more materials to the world, they’re cycling in a better, more sustainable way.

“We’re all aware of the environmental cost of fashion, especially with children’s clothing which is worn for a fraction of time before they’ve outgrown them. Recycling rather than discarding gives a second, third or even fourth chance for an item that might otherwise end up in a landfill.”

From Kenzo to Nature Baby, designer children’s brands for 0-10 years will be bought, sold, and re-loved from June this year. This not only enables accessibility to coveted labels, but also to higher-quality micro-fashion.

For Kirkwood, it was crucial that the Little Outfitters platform had absolute usability. She worked tirelessly with the developers from Onscreen Studio over 8 months to build an innovative site with the time-poor parent in mind.

“Parents can list an item in just three steps, and we also have optimum mobile usability, instant payment, and a rental service in the pipeline,” she said.

The website’s look and feel was created by Kirkwood herself, who also manages Friends Of Friends, the highly-acclaimed graphic and spatial design studio.

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