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How Furf Pets brings high design to the most important family member: your furry companion

The creators at Furf Pets have homed in on the fact that along with a booming pet industry, our design instincts in our home are against having clunky, unmatching, ugly bowls ruining the look of our spaces.

The trans-Tasman team behind Furf Pets pulled together by Blunt umbrella’s co-founder Scott Kington, consists of Kiwi designer David Haythornthwaite, Kiwi Josh Page and Aussie Joel Schuberg, Blunt’s former global brand manager and Australian distributor respectively.

So, enter the sleekest looking pet bowl to grace your kitchen floors. As well as being the Tesla of the pet bowl category, it is made from dishwasher safe materials. Each bowl offers the durability of food-grade silicone rubber and stainless steel that doesn’t harm your animals and your floors, as well as also reducing the mess from the enthusiastic eaters we call our pets.

Although humans have the natural ability to eat off $1 Kmart plates from cradle to grave, for pets, a lot of plastics that reside in cheap containers can leak into food and cause digestive issues. Plastic runs the risk of bad bacteria and intestinal blockages if consumed, and stoneware can contain toxic levels of lead and ceramic carrying a potential variety of harmful chemicals.

In addition to safety, Furf has designed all products with ease in mind. The sustainability ethos that is focused on throughout the design means that you can do well by both the planet and your pooches, without compromising on the design of your spaces.

Available in bowl and silicon mat form, and in white, black or dusky pink, it gives options for both picky eaters and picky designers.

As well as being created with the planet in mind, the made to last bowls are manufactured in a facility that ensures living wages and fair working conditions for employees, showing in turn that we can care deeply for each other as much as we do for our pets.

“Is this fur real?!”

Check out the full range at Furfpets.co.nz.

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