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Fresh design from the field: A look at Monday’s design for Real Rad Food

The brief

Real Rad Food is a raw, plant-based deserts and treats store based in Mt Maunganui. Founder Hannah Duder approached Afternoon to create a visual identity that captured the essence of her raw products while avoiding cliche natural elements. With a strong social media presence, it was important to create a unique brand that could be identified instantly while scrolling amongst newsfeeds.

The response

When designing the visual identity for Real Rad Food, Afternoon founder and creative director Campbell Attwood focussed on two keywords, ‘Rad’ and ‘Raw’.

Creating a logotype and typeface that communicated a playful and fun nature to their audience. Attwood wanted to keep these bold so they were still very legible and brought plenty of personality to the varying viewing sizes of print and digital.


The raw nature of the brand is showcased through the use of pattern. The pattern was created by arranging shapes from crushed and flatten ingredients used in Real Rad Food’s treats and desserts. Pairing those shapes with a colour palette selected from nature and keeping the pinks from the existing brand to help with familiarity. By selectively arranging these shapes and colours, Attwood was able to create a pattern that not only feels raw but gives the brand a unique personality.

It was important when it came to the packaging that it was instantly identifiable as a lot of customers shared the RRF products over social media. Attwood specified a raw looking material and then arranged the brand pattern over it to further express the raw nature of the brand’s identity.

The Real Rad Website was developed by Webbros Digital.


This was originally published on Design Assembly’s blog
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