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Blunt + Generator + Idealog Blooming ‘Brellas on sale now

As described in Brown’s submission: “At first glance, this might just look like a fun floral print, but there are elements woven into the piece that reference the history of Aotearoa. Much like New Zealand’s design identity, the flowers in this print are growing, changing and being influenced by both the past and the present. That and it looks like your grandma’s retro wallpaper, so that’s cool too.”

Brown says the inspiration for Blooming ‘Brella was her usual style of illustrating, but with a twist.

“I wanted to create a design that at first glance just looked like a bright floral print in my typical botanically incorrect style, but once you got a chance to look at it closely, then you could see there are different elements woven into the flowers.”

On closer inspection, the umbrella design includes references to important moments from Aotearoa’s history, from the first waka arriving on New Zealand’s shores, to M?ori mythology via M?ui taming the sun, as well as a suffragette holding a protest sign and a same-sex couple holding hands.

Purchase your Blooming ‘Brella here. The umbrella retails for $109 and is in the metro size.

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