These parking tickets are for dicks

Park like a dick? Prepare to be 'dicketed'.

Auckland is a car city, and those of us who commute on a day-to-day basis are regularly privy to the joys of aggressive horn-honking and tailgating SUVs. But what's more infuriating than cars on the road is when cars are off it, with a number of drivers seemingly feeling at liberty to park however, whenever and wherever they want, as evidenced by this elegant example on Queen Street last month. 

With many rule-abiding drivers exasperated at the low quality of parking on our streets, two FCB creatives—Peter Vegas and Leisa Wall—have taken things into their own hands with 'Parking Dickets', a new product for victims of bad parking to strike back.

The 'dicket', as it's been lovingly dubbed, is a 13.12cm, flesh coloured piece of paper that can be issued to those who, well, park like dicks (13.12cm being the average length of an erect penis, apparently).

After issuing a 'dicket', people are encouraged to send their 'dicket' pic to the 'Dicket Wardens' who will upload it to the Parking Dickets website for everyone to see.

A pad of 20 'dickets' is also available to purchase for $10 through the website, which it describes as "a small price to pay for the satisfaction of bringing a few dicks to justice".

This story first appeared at StopPress.

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