These are a few of my favourite things: Andrew J. Steel

As part of Idealog's Design Month, we picked the brains of some of the most interesting individuals in the industry to find out their favourite design-related things, their not-so-secretive side hustles and what inspires them creatively. Here's artist Andrew J. Steel.

What’s your favourite…

Brand identity?

Nike. The brand's near bulletproof.


Dean's Fearon Hay home in Queenstown. 




Locally Tim Webber.

Clothing brand? 


Use of design to change behaviour?

Public artwork and public design.

Inspiring design-related book/podcast/TV show/website/magazine/story?

Tim Ferriss podcast & any books by Jean Jullien.

Design project you’ve had a hand in?

I really enjoy all private commissions I create for people's homes.

Design project that isn’t yours, but you’re envious of?

All large-scale public artwork projects. 

What first drew you to design?

Playful use of space and interacting with the environment.

Where does inspiration come from for you?

Comedy, cartoons, music, exercise, sex.

Do you have a design ethos/motto you abide by in your work?

Make good art and make people aware of it. 

Do you have any creative side hustles going on outside of your line of work? If so, what?

Working on a few side hustles but mainly focusing on arts at the moment. 

How has technology impacted on your work? How do you think it will impact on it in the future?

The ability to create and share work globally. This is crucial to build up projects and identity and scale up as an artist. 

Who are some of your design heroes?

Keith Harring, Jean Jullien, Cleon Peterson, Espo, Blake Dunlop.

Jean Jullien

Best design-related advice you ever received?


What do you enjoy the most about working in this industry?

The freedom to do as I please. 

How do you define New Zealand’s design culture?

Hungry, ambitious, innovative. 

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