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Building intent: James Hurman from Previously Unavailable’s Lego Trump

Hurman is the founder of Previously Unavailable, an innovation consultancy that specialises in new product innovation. He has worked with big companies like Spark, ASB and DB Breweries, as well as startups like Simplicity Kiwisaver and Serious Popcorn. And he also walks the talk, launching a children’s book, The Boy and the Lemon, and toothbrush subscription delivery service Freshbrush last year.

What he has to say about his creation: “I cheated, of course. Watching Airbnb’s response to the Trump administration’s proposal of a Muslim ban made me feel, for the first time, like we had become a world of actual good and evil. The movies had always depicted these two sides as distinct, as objective. The bad guys knew they were bad, savoured the vocation of it. But when we stepped out of the theatre we returned to a real world of grey quarrels – of one person’s good versus another’s. This time around, though, it feels like life imitating film. The barefaced villainy of the American government, and an open-hearted rebel force springing up to oppose it. What I find so bewildering about it is the idea that President Trump may not have been a decision with intent. They’ve said that he never wanted to govern, that it was just a stunt that snowballed. And did voters decide with intent? Did they intend to elect as corrupt a leader? Or were they just in need of change and dragged along in the avalanche? We think of democracy as a deliberate, intentional process. Yet somehow we find ourselves in a world where the decisions of democracy have produced an outcome that may be as unintentional as it is absurd.” 

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