Building intent: Adriana Avendaño Christie's everlasting Lego tree

At Idealog, we regularly celebrate our community’s brilliance. But for our just released design issue, we wanted to showcase some of that brilliance in a slightly different way. So we contacted Lego to see if it could provide a few blocks to send out to some of our favourite humans from the fields of art, design, architecture and creative business. Here's what The Pallet Kingdom's Adriana Avendaño Christie came up with.

Creators: Adriana Avendaño Christie

The Pallet Kingdom all started as a beautiful accident. Colombian-born Christie and her partner were eager to start a social enterprise and learning about the amount of wood waste that ends up in landfill sparked an interest in finding ways to use it. Now it goes around Auckland collecting discarded shipping pallets and, working alongside troubled youth, it creates bespoke furniture and art.

Description: “It’s not every day we get an opportunity to create something that sends a message beyond creativity. Being part of the Pallet Kingdom has allowed us to develop a sense of protection for trees. The timber we are using comes from trees that were not valued enough. They ended their cycle too soon and are destined for landfill. This Lego tree will be in this world forever, but it won’t feed, roof or make oxygen for us. Our intention is for the spectator to realise that we are at a point that repurposing, reusing and upcycling should be the status quo. #SavetheTrees.”

Building intent #1: Spaceworks' Lego house

Building intent #2: Josh Lancaster's Lego landscapes

Building intent #3: Warren and Mahoney's Lego renovation

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