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Allpress and Gladeye team up for new website

Allpress global marketing director Craig Throne says that, although Allpress has grown from its humble Auckland roots to being served in more than 1,000 cafes and restaurants worldwide, it still sees the local café experience as being at the heart of their coffee experience – a major factor in their decision to commission Gladeye to help them tell their story.

Gladeye CEO Tarver Graham says both companies share strong values. “Our two industries, coffee and digital, are worlds apart,” he says. “But it was clear to us from the outset that Allpress shared not only our values of excellence and attention to detail, but that like us they’re fanatical about the experience of the end user. For both of us, it means more than just coffee beans or code.”

Prior to Gladeye’s involvement, Allpress’ digital presence was relatively fragmented, and this didn’t match up with their consistent coffee experience. “The brief to ‘represent the globally consistent Allpress flavor experienced as a local tradition’ really became an underpinning mantra for both the structure and the design of the site,” says Gladeye design director Guy Trowbridge.

Allpress needed a website that delivered scalable digital business tools, like multi-language, multi-currency e-commerce in six local markets, on a platform that respected the brand’s clear and consistent global voice.

Allpress global marketing director Throne elaborates on what his company’s needs were. ‘There’s tailored content across multiple international regions all powered by a central CMS, along with separate e-commerce stores that integrate directly to our accounting software.”

Gladeye’s business lead for Allpress, Sam Brough, says how the digital experience is simple on the surface, but getting to that point was a careful process. “Much like sourcing, roasting and distributing a consistent, premium coffee flavour, there’s a vast amount of technical and human choices made in the design of the site,” he says. “We’re talking multiple currencies, languages, CMS layers and user-journeys that span Tokyo to Dunedin – all delivered through a simple and consistent people-first brand experience.”

Throne says that at the heart of their online story is the ‘in-cafe’ experience. “We want to bring a sense of connection and openness that you get from an Allpress café setting through to the experience of the website.”

He believes digital will continue to play a significant role in Allpress’ future. “Gladeye’s rare ability to think strategically about our business and execute to such a high standard of design has made them a great partner to work with and we’re excited about what’s to come,” he says.

Graham agrees. “We’re just starting out with Allpress and we’re pretty excited about getting the new global website out to cafe owners and coffee lovers and seeing how we can keep improving things from here.”

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