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Idealog wants your views on good – and bad – design

What’s the best design you’ve seen lately? Or the worst? We’re opening up the question to those that think they have good taste – or at least recognise bad taste when they see it. Our favourite submission will win something amazing from our prize cupboard (a diary from 2009! A random assortment of Lego! Pointless PR tat!) and our favourite submissions will feature in Idealog’s upcoming Design Issue. 

Send us an email at [email protected], drop us a line on Facebook, tweet us at @idealogmag, or – if you’re really old-fashioned – dispatch a courier pigeon to our not-so-secret location.

And just for kicks, here are some examples of the best and worst design the Idealog team has come across recently. 

The likes of The Telegraph and Travel + Leisure have dubbed the Portland Building – located in Portland, Oregon – one of the ugliest buildings in the world. We can see why.

The Oslo Opera House might not be as famous as the one in Sydney, but we think it’s no less beautiful with its angled design rising out of the water.

This is how you don’t design a coffee mug.

Bonus points for the clever usage of llama-inspired iconography.

This is not working.

We quite like how the creative, yet simple packaging lets us know exactly what the product is.

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