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Red Awards: Pressed Raw Juice Bar

Frucor’s Pressed Juices pop-up, which stayed open for just three months, was the winner of the Pop Up and Temporary Store division at this year’s Red Awards.

The store was designed by Pop Up Now by Spaceworks and shopfitted by Cutting Innovations.

Spaceworks managing director Lizzi Hines says the main difference with designing a pop-up store are it has to be manufactured off-site, be easy to install and remove, and have that ‘wow factor’ to draw people in.

However, one key design aspect of the award-winning Pressed Juice Bar pop-up shop was that it was intended to look like a permanent store, not a pop-up.

“This meant we had to be incredibly strategic in our design and the finishes that were selected. As it was an unknown product and brand to the public, it had to stop people in their tracks when passing by,” Hines said.

She said Pop Up Now achieved this by creating a space that was, in her words, British comedian Russell Brand in store form.

“This means it had to look raw, true and organic. Nothing could be prescribed or contrived.”

In order to create a vibrant space that was a feast for the senses, Hines says bright pops of the brand’s colours and different textured surfaces were scattered throughout the store.

Pressed juice units were put out on display so customers could see the juice-making process in action, while a bar and stools opening out onto the footpath outside was introduced to increase dwell time.

Meanwhile, a bicycle on the wall created a bit of theatre with the Pressed signage and alerted customers to the fact they could have their juice delivered by bike to their door.

The overall goal of the pop-up store was to get Frucor’s new product in front of consumers and trial it out in the market.

Hines says the fact the temporary shop nestled into its surroundings so well was a hit with customers.

“People couldn’t believe it was a pop-up store, which meant our job was done well,” Hines says.

This story originally appeared in NZ Retail magazine issue 746 October / November 2016.

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