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Want to buy a celebrity-designed bed? Sealy thinks you do

Quite a few of us don’t really think too much about the bed we’re sleeping in, apart from whether it’s soft or not. Yet apparently plenty of us do – and they’re exactly the kind of people who might buy a celebrity designer bed.

Yes, they’re a thing.

The Sealy Designer Bed campaign is back for the fourth time this year, with the help of four high profile New Zealand celebrities. Image consultant Lorraine Downes, broadcaster Stacey Morrison, cook and dietitian Nadia Lim and Silver Fern Maria Tutaia have all created their own unique artwork for a Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite bed.

The four, one-off Exquisite beds will be auctioned on Trade Me between 17 and 31 October. All of the proceeds from the auctions will go to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

Similar auctions have raised more than $60,000 in total for the Breast Cancer Foundation during the past three years. This year, Sealy as pledged a minimum of $25,000 to the Foundation.

Sealy New Zealand marketing manager Jenni Gaze is nothing if not excited. “We are grateful for the wonderful support of our designers, who have very much involved themselves in the process, devoting a huge amount of time and creativity to the project,” she says. “I am sure these unique beds are going to be very popular.”

Lorraine Downes.

Lorraine Downes’ design is very close to her heart with the words ‘Listen to your heart, it is where your truth is’ inscribed on the bed base. “I believe everyone needs direction and support in one’s life path,” she says. “In my design the heart represents where your truth lies and the Mandela design illustrates how the heart centre resonates out through this, affecting every part of your life. So listen to your heart first.”

Stacey Morrison.

Similarly, Stacey Morrison’s retro print of New Zealand also carried deep personal meaning. “The colours remind me of my childhood and the addition of the Maori place names reflects our bicultural connection with the land,” she says.

Morrison’s husband wrote the incantation around the bed base, and she says and it’s a saying they repeat to their children every night that translates to “The sky is calm, the earth is at peace, the whole world is tranquil. Peaceful sleep descends, rest in the knowledge you are surrounded by deep affection, love and serenity. Rest now, rest well, rest is yours.”

Known for her culinary prowess, it probably comes as no surprise that Nadia Lim’s design features a recipe for pancakes – her favourite weekend breakfast. “One of my amazing fans illustrated this recipe and sent me the picture which I have framed in my kitchen and I thought it would make a cool bed design – you’ll never lose the recipe when it’s printed on your bed!”

Maria Tutaia.

Maria Tutaia’s design is mean to be an artisitic representation of Pasifika women in Aotearoa. “I wanted to express a beautiful, strong, Island female with long, thick, luscious hair with the hibiscus flower highlighting her ethnic roots,” she explains.

Anyone can take part in the Trade Me auctions for the beds. For whoever wins, a good night’s sleep could come with a fairly high price. Then again, we spend about a third of our lives in bed. So maybe the investment is worth it.

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