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Five of mine, five of theirs: think packaging’s Mat Bogust

1. Latest & greatest – You made the cut (think packaging)

Celebrating the think packaging rebrand. To me, cardboard engineering is about cutting, sampling and experimenting with form. The recipients are invited to take the knife out and use it. There’s even four extra blades held on an insert, snug in the top of the lid, making sure that you always have a sharp blade to work with. They can be just like me!*

*Years of experience, hours of frustration, and band-aids not included

2. Google VR viewer

A really clever use of cardboard here. Well made, easily made, useful, and you can download it for free! The best solutions are simple… and made from cardboard.

3. B&F Papers – The Medium is the Message (think packaging)

The most satisfying part to this process was being able to apply some of my older packaging concepts that never made it across the line, or didn’t live to tell the tale in earlier projects. While crafting the idea they all seemed to climb into my head at once, forming the perfect package. Combined together they’ve turned into one of my most favoured and celebrated creations. In essence, a Frankenstein packaging piece! A living, breathing, beautiful swatch book.

B&F Papers Packaging Promotion from James D on Vimeo.

4. Stranger&Stranger – Eau de Stranger

There’s really nothing not to like about this project. Every year Stranger & Stranger puts together a holiday gift that never fails to impress, and last year’s fragrance is certainly a beauty. More than just pretty packaging, though, their 2015 holiday gift was an experience for all the senses.

5. Kenworth – Cardboard truck (think packaging)

I’m no model maker, but I decided to give this one a crack. Starting with some imagery of the desired truck and an eye for detail, the first model was designed and hand built – laughably with the first white model (below). A pretty good start but lacked a little oomph, plus the nose was stumpy! After some refinements, most importantly the chunky exhaust and the hollowed out back tyres, we were ready to roll. 

6.  Refold – portable cardboard desk

I saw this come up on Kickstarter & I backed it straight away. I’ve still got my cardboard, standing desk & work on it everyday.

The only thing that I actually don’t like about it is that mostly all of my clients say “awesome man, I love your desk. Did you make that?” 

I say, “no” it was designed & made by Refold! 

It’s a brilliant design, idea & execution. 

7. The True Honey Co. (think packaging)

Pretty much the best brief that I’ve ever been given. The client wanted the greatest outcome possible. No idea was a silly one. In fact, the most daring & challenging the better. It had to trump the lot. The whole package became one compelling piece, revealing the precious premium cargo inside. To premiumise the experience of unboxing, a tear-strip was tailored; sealing the package and creating the feeling that something previously untouched lay within. As you peal the box open, a glimmer of honey is seen, then the segments collapse in stages, revealing the jar inside – showcased on a purpose-built stage of beautiful protective packaging. 

8. Leica X2 Edition Fedrigoni – The Paper Skin

Packaging in beast mode: The elaborately produced and refined packaging is reminiscent of a paper sample book, making unpacking the camera a unique brand experience. The standards and pioneering spirit of Fedrigoni’s 125-year history of typography and graphic design are brought to life on 16 layers of finest paper. Strict attention is paid to sustainability: exclusively paper is used – no plastic film is used at all, even for the accessories.

9. Rest In Pets – cardboard pet caskets (think packaging)

A concept had been rattling around my head for some time and eventually made its way into the ideas book, sketched, then straight onto CAD. Once I had cut my first prototype, I stood back and reveled in the pure, natural beauty of it, and like an over excited child at Christmas I started showing it off to fellow designers and friends. All who saw this instantly knew that this wasn’t just an idea anymore, this had to happen. So Rest In Pets was created.

10. JOOLZ – reusable packaging

A good example of reusable packaging – this is not an easy thing to do. Joolz, the Dutch company believes that today more than ever we need to adopt a style healthy and sustainable life and, for this reason, working to develop new sustainable solutions and minimal environmental impact. The packaging of each product, for example, is completely reusable. Each carton of Joolz Day Sense, in fact, it recycles and turns into an educational game.

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