Best Design finalists announced. We pick our five favs from ... Spatial design!

The Best Design Awards finalists were announced this week. And because there's too many finalists to list (or even cover in a meaningful way), we decided to give you our picks from each category. Today: spatial design.

Resn Labs China by Resn for Resn

We covered Resn’s Shenzhen lab in our latest issue. (Oh, and Resn made a VR cover for that issue, too.) We didn’t get to go there and see it in person, but it sure looks like fun in the photos.

LightPath by Monk Mack Monk Mackenzie Architects and LandLAB for New Zealand Transport Agency

The most instagrammed thing in Auckland since everyone got sick of photographing their dinner? But seriously, the Light Path is Auckland on the right path. A great design (nice job everyone) for an even greater project (nice job NZTA). And ... it's pink!

Bethells Bach by Herbst Architects for Unknown

We just want to take a holiday here. Simple as that. (Hook us up, Herbst.)

Lonely Wellington by Knight Associates for Lonely Label

No one makes quiet, minimal retail spaces like Knight Associates. A similar space for Lonely won a gold pin at the Best Awards last year. This does the same thing at least as well.

Saan by Cheshire Architects for Saan Restaurant

Pleasantly out of touch with the too-many-renovated-warehouses trend, Saan, light, lush restaurant by Cheshire Architects is nice to look at but even nicer to eat food in. Step out of Ponsonby Road into some parallel universe french colony in contemporary Southeast Asia.

For all the finalists in spatial design, click here.

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