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Wish we’d thought of that: backpack special

With all this amazing technology currently at our disposal, modern humans really shouldn’t be forced to take off their backpack when they want something out of it. So until we have robot servants to do it for us, we’ll just have to rely on the Paxis, which features an impressive swinging bit (that’s a technical term). 

Looks quite handy (and very breakable). 

Speaking of handy, bags with wheels certainly make it easier to move heavy things with our bare hands. But why pull those bags when you could ride them instead?

Movpack, “the first portable electric vehicle and backpack in one” goes up to 20 mph with a wireless remote control and it managed to raise $25k on Indiegogo recently. All aboard the luggage train! Destination: Convenience town. 

For all those who like to venture outside the city (or don’t have a home) and are sick of lugging a tent AND a pack, then the Melina—an accordion-like creation—could be for you. 

What a time to be alive. 

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