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Mixed media artist Teresa HR Lane on muses, mer-men and Michael Bay (and her new show)

She describes her art, via the PR release that came this morning, ­as an “exploration of naughtiness, titillation and suggestion”.

She also describes it as an invitation to do “what the fuck I like”.

Art usually doesn’t sound that fun.

Her new show You Really Have to be There opens at Allpress Studio next week where Lane will share sixteen lineal metres of art, a continuous wave of “dysfunctional utopia” (by way of a series of mixed media paintings).

“The wave reaches its climax, and paradise comes crashing down and exposes the loneliness of one’s Eden” goes the pitch. 

Sounds cool, so we emailed Lane with six serious and sensual questions about what makes the artist tick, just how naughty it gets, and the ultimate question regarding mermen and marriage.

Idealog: Your show has been described as an invitation to do ‘what the fuck I like’. What’s your best advice for someone looking to live by that philosophy? 

Teresa HR Lane: Sometimes the best outcomes come out of the things that you feel most passionately about. Doing what you like because it’s close to your heart perhaps lends to a deeper understanding of why you’re doing it.

What’s unique about your show? Why is it better than going to see a Michael Bay film? 

Sorry I have no idea who he is. I’ll Google…

…Oh dear. Yes, my show is definitely so much more exciting than Mr Bay’s films…if I’m the genre you’re looking for in entertainment.

How would you describe your work in three words beginning with ‘b’?

Bombastic, belligerent and bashful.

You describe your art as ‘an exploration of naughtiness’. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

My naughtiness is about being a little obtuse, rather titillating, but harmless, with a little sin. I think life is really quite narrow; my views are not. I like to be surrounded by people who are naughty and express themselves as they feel happy. They make for great art. 

Why make art at all? Honestly, why bother?

I’ve no idea, but once you start you just can’t stop, and it becomes such a perverse obsession, where reality and connection disappear and you get lost in your own world.

My world is a world where I engage with all of my people and create a fantasy world that’s not that far from reality in a twisted way. I love people, they make excellent muses, maybe that’s why I make art. It’s another way of connecting with all these people.

Finally, if you had to marry a mer-person (ie. mermaid, merman etc), which half would you want to be the fish-half? The top or bottom?

The top half fish obviously, and if it didn’t work out, he’d make excellent fish head-soup. Or live bait….

Who? Teresa HR Lane

What? You Really Have to be There

When? Tuesday 23 – 29th February

Where? Allpress Studio, Drake St, Auckland

What else? www.teresahrlane.net

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