Parisians treated to Kiwi fashion

J Autumn Fashion showcased Kiwi designer Leilani Rickard’s harakeke inspired raincoats.

Raincoats inspired by traditional Maori flax weaving was showcased at this year’s J Autumn Fashion Show. The show’s brainchild, Jessica Minh Anh, choose Leilani Rickard’s recent range of raincoats to appear on the catwalk.

Although Rickard was invited to Jessica Minh Anh’s solar-powered catwalk earlier this year, due to time-restraints the kiwi designer wasn’t able to attend. However Rickard was invited again to attend the J Autumn Fashion Show, which she had around eight weeks to prepare for.

The fabrics used for her raincoats have microscopic images of the harakeke used in tradition Maori clothing.

The kiwi designer says she is “absolutely amazed” at the positive response, with attendees saying her unique designs were needed. She is currently looking to distribute her raincoats into Europe, with distributors already interested.

Jessica Minh Anh skyrocketed in the fashion industry, creating unusual and innovative fashion shows. Her ventures range from the Spanish solar-powered fashion show, to transforming a Hudson River glass-boat into a catwalk. 

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