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Business casual is about to become a whole lot more casual

Fruit of the Loom have created a range of suits that show there’s more than meets the eye.

Upon closer inspection, the suits aren’t actually suits – they’re just sweats with prints on them that make them look like more sophisticated attire.

“The end goal is to bring the look of success to sweats, without sacrificing comfort,” the brand said.

“This is a chance for guys to show up making the type of fashion statement they love the most—the type that makes all of their friends laugh. And strangers. Strangers will also laugh. Then they’ll ask where you got that sweat suit,” associate creative director at CP+B Brett Dixon told AdWeek.

The suits aren’t available to buy yet, with the brand gouging people’s opinions on social media to see if there’s enough interest to make them.

This story originally appeared on The Register.  
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