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Wooden it be nice

French company Oree sets the benchmark at the top of tree with its exquisitely handcrafted keyboards, touch pads, wireless chargers and iPhone shells. You can tailor your keyboard with type of wood, font and language.

The simplicity of Kouji Iwasaki’s wood LED clock is just so zen. A thin layer of veneer allows the light to shine through. It won’t time your meditation sessions though; it has no alarm, so just chill out.

For eco-conscious wrists there’s the WeWOOD watch, first designed in Italy in 2009. There are more than 50 beautiful designs to choose from, and the company has teamed up with sustainable partners to plant a tree for every watch sold.

Made in the Netherlands, Miniot specialises in iPhone and Leica T cases. Each camera case is carved from a single block of wood and snaps together around the camera.

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