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Mirrors, drones and haute couture.

In the past the model and entrepreneur has turned some of the world’s most iconic venues into a stage for models and fashion designers from around the world.

Earlier this year she transformed New York’s Hudson River into a 100-metere-long floating runway, which showcased the work of Kiwi Designer Frances Jerard.

Her 10th history making spectacle, the J Summer Fashion Show, will be held at the futuristic solar power plant in Spain with models walking the 100-metre-long catwalk with a cinematic backdrop of thousands of cutting-edge mirrors.

Minh Anh is known for combining art, architecture, culture and fashion into her shows but now she can add technology to that list.

“Gemasolar took my breath away. It represents a rare modern beauty, which sees the best of designs and sustainability efforts in one place. I would consider this show my most challenging yet exciting project so far,” she says.

Drones will capture the show from various angles above, to highlight the sunlight’s effect on the stunning circle shaped power plant.

Gemasolar is the first power plant in the world to create a technology system that produces 24-hour a day electricity using only the power of the sun.

Even though it has previously been used as the backdrop for Louis Vuitton and Mercedes Benz campaigns it has never been used for a fashion show.

Gemasolar Plant Manager, Raul Mendoza Ruiz sees it as an honour to host the summer fashion show and be included as a venue.

“Gemasolar is an international symbol of the next generation of power plants and represents the future, just as Jessica does in fashion. We look forward to fascinating the world with a mixture of high technology and high fashion in this particular project,” he says.

The fashion show in Seville will not only promote global designers, but also the best of advanced technology and environment preservation.

Similar to her previous shows, Minh Anh will showcase a combination of haute-couture and ready-to-wear garments by designers who embrace tradition and culture but who experiment with innovative techniques of modern design.

The show will take place on July 17 and will no doubt be another visual spectacle.

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