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Foodporn meets the cinemagraph – and what a seductive result

Never mind the fact that photos of gorgeous food already have many of us salivating, but photographer Daria Khoroshavina and food stylist Olga Kolesnikov have now created cinemagraphs that cover the creation of entire meals.

For those who are unfamiliar, cinemagraphs are still photographs that have minor and repeatedly occurring movement, such as steam rising from a cup of coffee. It creates the illusion of watching a video, even though the images are mostly rendered in GIF format.

Many of the cinemagraphs produced by Khoroshavina and Kolesnikov are like step-by-step recipe instructions, while others simply document the general preparation of different ingredients, or even just the wrapping paper for a baguette fluttering in a gentle breeze.

The pair runs a Tumblr full of food prep GIFs at Buttery Planet, provide stock photography Glasshouse Images, as well as run their private website, Kitchen Ghosts.

“We will gladly make some exclusive gifs for your business requirements: websites, banner ads, presentations and email,” a blurb on their website says, which allows for a whole host of interesting advertising possibilities.

But ultimately, the focus is still on the images, filled with bacon and eggs sublimely sizzling in a pan, or the mesmerising effect of milk being poured into a cup of coffee.

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