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Childfund NZ delights Aucklanders with litup Christmas bicycle tree

Says Paul Brown, CEO of Childfund New Zealand: “For a child living in poor, rural Sri Lanka, just being able to get to school is a huge barrier. Having a bike transforms their arduous walk of between 5-15 kilometres each way into a much easier and even fun journey.”

As a reliable, fast and efficient transport to and from education, Brown says that bicycles are the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in the developing world.

“[The children’s] capacity to learn is greater, their attendance increases and their grades improve,” says Brown. “It may just be two wheels, but the opportunity it gives them to excel is a truly priceless gift.”

The tree, which is almost two stories tall, is constructed out of hundreds of bikes donated by locals, and can be seen in all its glory at Queen’s Wharf, Auckland CBD.

The festive lights will switch on every evening from 8pm, until the installation finishes on December 17.  

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