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Object find: flexible seating

The Body Seating by Kirsi Enkovaara is a six-metre long structure made of canvas and filled with rice, enabling users to bend it to their whim.

On her website, Kirsi says: “Rice is a renewable and very accessible material. As in Japan [throughout] history it has been used in pillows offering a more ecological and ergonomic option to foam.”

The fabric combined with the friction created by the rice allows the seating to become rigid when bent while still embodying the comfort of a cushion.

“The project started from an interest in emphasising the psychology of sitting. When we are sitting or laying down we are less aware of our surroundings and in a more relaxed state. This is why the construction of the seat needed to reflect the qualities of human touch, the tactility and safety of which provides us with great comfort.” 
The almost-balletic performance in this video shows the many ways of the flexible seating.

Photo and video by Aava Anttinen

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