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Creating living buildings with Jerome Partington

New Zealand’s first course designed to dramatically raise the performance of our buildings will run from June to November, led by sustainable architecture expert Jerome Partington.

creating living buildings course jerome partington?Creating Living Buildings is an NZQA-approved 15-credit programme designed by Otago Polytechnic’s Centre for Sustainable Practice to support the transformation of New Zealand’s built environment using the Living Building Challenge.

It is delivered through the Centre for Sustainable Practice in partnership with the International Living Future Institute, New Zealand Green Building Council and The Natural Step NZ. The course is also supported by AUT and Unitec.

The course will be offered through a two-day block course in Auckland, Christchurch or Queenstown, followed by 10 weekly webinars.  Participants will practice implementation from their own professional experience as well as learn the theory.

Partington is sustainability manager at Jasmax and was recently awarded the Living Building Challenge Hero award by the International Living Futures Institute for Inspiring Leadership in New Zealand.

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“The creation of buildings that are net zero (energy, water and waste), built from non-toxic, locally sourced materials and that are beautiful and inspiring is the goal of this programme,” says Partington.  “We have the technology and the knowledge to create these types of buildings.  All we need know is the will and to spread the know-how.”

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