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An open call to design solutions that change lives

moved to care design international competition?If you’ve got a hankering to use your design talent to make a difference, here’s an opportunity to create a healthcare solution for some of Southeast Asia’s most disadvantaged nations.

Design-oriented nonprofit Building Trust International has just announced a new competition for architects, designers, and engineers, seeking proposals for a small, either mobile or relocatable healthcare facility that promotes health and wellbeing in a safe and clean environment. 

“This could be in response to a natural disaster, or to inoculate and educate in areas with specific medical emergencies or outbreaks.

“It will also help aid agencies that don’t have the funds or means to purchase land, offering short term leasing opportunities.”

Building Trust will work alongside local government and community groups to seek funding and planning for the winning design to make it a reality. 

Moved to Care is the charity’s fifth annual design competition. Registrations close on January 31 and the submission cutoff date is February 28. Winners will be announced on March 31.

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