Who should be teaching the next generation about money?

Future learning

Who should be teaching the next generation about money?

Teaching kids about money seems to fall into a grey area between parents and school educators, with both assuming the responsibility will be carried out by the other. International growth lead at Banqer, Simon Brown, discusses what can be done to make the next generation more financially savvy.

On the tools

As existing products, companies and, in some cases, entire industries are disrupted, the world of business can seem fairly chaotic. But there are ways to prosper. Peter Lee, consulting professor, commercialisation and entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland and chief technologist at the New Zealand Defence Force, explains how businesses old and new can use the tools at our disposal to adapt, innovate and find new opportunities. 


Hip-hop artists requesting non-existent five-star hotels in Gisborne, pie and petrol shortages, sound systems falling off cliffs in the gorge - there's never a dull moment in the music festival business. In light of the 2017 lineup being released, we're republishing this piece from June, where Rhythm and Vines founder and creative director Hamish Pinkham talks us through the wild ride of 15 years at the helm of New Zealand's award-winning New Years festival.


While founder mental health is an important discussion to have, the effect the pressures can have on the founder's loved ones is an equally important topic. BizDojo co-founder Nick Shewring shares the lessons he's learnt on how to ensure friends and family are well supported when someone is undergoing a founder journey.