Blast from the past

Property expert Paul Keane reflects on the past of Auckland's infamous K Rd - and lessons that the rest of the country can learn.

Wish we'd thought of that

Whether it’s the Te Whare Tapa Whā health model or the ancient juice squeezer known as the tāwiri, Māori innovation has been key to Aotearoa’s development. Do you have a unique contribution to tangata whenua that you think deserves to be recognised at the 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards in the Innovation in Māori Development category, sponsored by KPMG?

Don't hate the player

Auckland, like many of the world’s big cities, is often pilloried in the provinces. But, while you might not live there, you’d be worse off without it, writes Professor Shaun Hendy. And if New Zealand is to prosper in the knowledge economy, we need to quit the parochialism.


It’s a two-day gathering of minds from the technology, government, and business sectors. The conference in Wellington will see a number of speakers and workshops held to discuss the idea of “open source”, and its application in not only just tech, but also in building social and business possibilities.

Internet of things

When Google snapped up Nest recently, more than a few people wondered how it planned to put ads on a thermostat. But the acquisition shows the search giant is thinking pretty hard about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it can get an edge on it. Smart devices require smart people to think of them


Powershop interaction designer and developer and founder of Rails Girls in Wellington, Kelly Cheesman, has some good news for young females who want to make coding their career: the profession is as far from the anti-social, anaemic stereotype as you can imagine.