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Idealog’s Entrepreneur Wrapped 2023: Lisa King

The beginning of December marks a very special day for social media, a day where everyone shares who their top artist and what their top song of the year is: Spotify Wrapped Day. We decided to take our own spin on this and talk to some of the entrepreneurs who have been killing it in 2023.

From non-alcoholic beverage entrepreneurs to delivery companies, 2023 saw Kiwi entrepreneurs everywhere take their business to a whole other level.

Lisa King – AF Drinks

For Lisa King of AF Drinks, every year gets better and better. After opening her first physical store in 2022, King has now made her way across the Pacific Ocean and into the US.

What has been your biggest highlight of the year?

My personal highlight was getting married to my partner Matt. We had an intimate island wedding just off Singapore which was incredible.

Business wise – successfully launching AF into the US. To see our products on shelves of 400 stores with a national retailer and to be outselling some of the biggest local brands, validated consumer need for our amazing drinks.

How did you overcome your biggest challenge you faced this year?

Keeping pace with how fast things have been moving in the USA – forecasts are never right, but to be constantly selling out of AF and to have 2.5 times the store doors we expected, it’s been challenging keeping up!

These are good problems to have and we have the most nimble and committed team to make it all happen. The way we work is FAST AF and UNCOMPROMISING AF.

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Based on what you have learnt in the past year, what are some learnings and advice you would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Back yourself. Surround yourself with experienced people who aren’t afraid to tell you objectively what they think (not just what you want to hear).

Make sure you have a product or service that is truly differentiated. Play to win – go hard and fast.

Where do you see yourself in one year?

Spending a lot of time overseas. AF is exploding in the US – we have some large retailers in the US stocking us next year, so it’s going to be a massive and exciting 2024!

Favourite song of this year?

This is easy! Matt had a song written about meeting me and recorded it as a surprise for our wedding. It’s on Spotify, called ‘The Best Part (Lisa)’.

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