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Idealog’s Entrepreneur Wrapped 2023: Kennedy Anderson

Kennedy Anderson

The beginning of December marks a very special day for social media. It’s the day where everyone shares their top artist and their top song for the year – it’s Spotify Wrapped Day. We decided to put our own spin on this and talk to some of the entrepreneurs who are killing it in 2023.

From non-alcoholic beverages to delivery companies, 2023 saw Kiwi entrepreneurs take their businesses to a whole another level.

Kennedy Anderson – The Whitening Co.

Earlier in 2023, young entrepreneur Kennedy Anderson was named in the Wall Street Times as one of the “Top Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2023” for his work across a number of businesses.

What has been your biggest highlight of the year?

Business wise, definitely moving onto Ponsonby road.

It honestly didn’t feel real until a month or so in and now I’m like “woahhh, little Kennedy would’ve been so proud”.

Based on what you have learnt in the past year, what advice would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Cashflow is KING, always – and an important reminder no matter what stage in business.

Fail FAST, I learnt that the more you do and the quicker you fail the more success will shine through, imagine not learning – mistakes help us along the journey if anything the mistakes are what have created my brands.

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How did you overcome your biggest challenge you faced this year?

Honestly? Online therapy – I find it challenging turning to friends and family for advice when not many of them haven’t gone through the entrepreneurial struggles, the highest of highs and some pretty low lows.

I get lonely sometimes and the online therapy app BetterHelp actually helped a lot. I wish more people spoke about that.

Where do you see yourself in one year?

Hopefully in NYC! That’s our current goal, it’s a little way off yet but my partner Oliver and I are putting in the work to bring our dream to life and live in the Big Apple for a little while.

So many opportunities, people and places I want to be inspired by over there. I have a feeling it will be the start of my next creative era. 

Favourite song of this year?

Pretty much ANYTHING Fred Again (joking) – maybe, Marea (we’ve lost dancing).

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