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Do you have the world’s most boring job?

If having fun at work is important to you, a recent survey by freelance marketplace, freelancer.com, could reveal whether you are in the wrong job.

The global survey, which asked respondents to name the most boring jobs as well as the most exciting and fun ones, has bad news for those in data entry, which was ranked as the most boring job of all.

The survey had 2380 freelancers and employer respondents from across 103 countries, with most respondents from the Asia and Pacific region

Almost two out of five respondents (39 percent) reported that data entry is the most boring task they could ever perform in their day-to-day work lives.

Data entry jobs include reporting, research, CRM and database updating.

Coming in at equal second place were writing and customer service, both receiving 22 percent of the vote as the most boring jobs.

Many respondents say these jobs top the list because they are too repetitive, there are too many small tasks and too much admin work, making their jobs boring.

The survey also revealed a generational divide in what jobs are considered boring and exciting.

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While data entry took the ‘most boring’ crown overall, Baby Boomers awarded this title to IT, followed by design and marketing.

Gen Z and Millennials both view data entry, writing and customer service as the most boring jobs in the world, while Gen X swaps out finance with writing.

But what is the most fun job in the world?

Almost half of respondents (49 percent) say that Design is the most fun and exciting job around the world.

In second place is writing, despite coming in equal second as the most boring job, with 40 percent of respondents saying it is the most fun job in the world. Baby Boomers swapped the two with writing in first place and design in second.

In third, with 31 percent of respondents, is IT, although Gen Z have data entry in third, and Gen X and Baby Boomers have Customer Service in this spot.

Marko Zitko, Communications Manager at Freelancer, says that these surveys can offer insight to businesses on how to improve their work environments and increase productivity.

“By delegating monotonous tasks like data entry to on-demand freelancers, companies can free up their in-house employees to focus on more engaging work that they enjoy doing,” says Zitko.

“By eliminating the burden of repetitive tasks and administrative work, workplaces can create a more dynamic and enjoyable workplace for everyone involved.”

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