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How the growth of job seeking websites indicates an economic recovery

The last year has presented its share of challenges due COVID-19 and people are reorganizing their lives post lockdown.

Job seeker’s priorities have shifted since the beginning of the pandemic – workers are displaying a more cautious approach to career moves following a turbulent year.

Despite that, in the year since the country went into lockdown, job losses have been nowhere near as bad as feared in the early stages of the pandemic. 

The reduction in labour supply has been impacting the ability to fill roles all over the country, although the demand for employment has increased significantly. This can be attributed to the rise of job offers on online marketplaces.

Job listings on shopless.co.nz have been growing 20% each month – with more than 2,500 jobs available, the platform is becoming one of the main job seeking websites for kiwis.

“Greatest demand for staff is coming from the construction, manufacturing operations, transport and logistics,” says CEO Hooman Bahreini.

“However, job offers tend to achieve new levels with the opening of borders and travel bubbles: this may represent more jobs in hospitality and tourism, one of the main targets for the young crowd and foreigners.”

The very growth of online job search platforms such as Shopless can be seen as an indication of New Zealand’s economic recovery post covid-19.

“Now that New Zealand is back on their feet and have been successful in facing the COVID-19 crisis, is the perfect moment to embrace new opportunities and make new career moves,” says Bahreini.

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