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Empowering disability-owned kiwi businesses to grow digitally

Thanks to a new pilot initiative operated by Workbridge and funded by the Department of Internal Affairs, small business owners who are disabled will now have help from Grow Digital towards growing their digital capacity.

Grow Digital works with disabled people running SMEs to develop a plan catered to their business to encourage digital growth. They also work with SMEs who may not be run by disabled people but who employ several disabled staff.

Workbridge chief executive Jonathan Mosen says as a disabled person who runs his own business, he knows the many benefits in doing so.

“We can work at a pace and in a manner that works for our individual needs, and there are fewer attitudinal barriers to overcome.

“Some disabled people need assistive technology to help with their digital presence, for example if they can’t see the screen or use a keyboard. Choosing the right technology can feel daunting, and that’s one of the ways we can help.”

Assistance may also be needed for finding resources to get set up to sell their products online, finding a business mentor or gaining cost effective access to a computer or internet connection.

Grow digital facilitates the success of disability driven small businesses and tailors advice through a disability lens. Mosen says the initiative is ground breaking and the team are proud to be selected by the DIA to deliver the service.

Lead for digital inclusion at DIA, Dianne Patrick, says working to close digital inclusion gaps needs really good partners.

“Workbridge can really make a difference in this community, and we are excited to see what Grow Digital can do.”

Small business owners who are disabled or who have a majority of disabled staff can learn more and apply by visiting Grow Digital.

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