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Weirdly, emerging New Zealand innovator of the year

Weirdly is an online recruitment tool built around the belief that bringing like-minded individuals together, who are engaged and passionate about their work, makes them more productive and loyal to their employer. 

“We are getting businesses to focus on getting people that are aligned with their values and purpose, first, and skills and experience, second,” says CEO and co-founder Dale Clareburt, who has been in the recruitment industry for 20 years. 

“By doing this we’re making the recruitment process fun, we’re making it easy, and we’re making it cost effective.”

Weirdly does this by giving applicants a customised quiz, before they upload their CV. The questions give the candidate a sense of the workplace’s culture; the answers give the employer a sense of the personality of a potential employee.

“We’re giving employers the opportunity to find out heaps more about somebody, and for the applicant to be able to tell the employer heaps more than they can put in their CV.”

Clareburt says Weirdly wants people to be happy in their workplace and employers to hire people who are going to be happy in their job. 

“You spend the best waking hours of your life in a business with people that aren’t your family,” she says. “You’ve got to love it and you’ve got to enjoy it.”

Questions include: How fast do you usually walk on a scale from amble to power walk? (Hint: power walkers are more achievement orientated, amblers are more creative.)

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